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Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of lanes & drains work at Kanji House

Jammu East MLA & party chief whip Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of lanes & drains work at Kanji House Mohalla in ward no.7 costing Rs 8.00 lakhs.
In his entourage the MLA was accompanied by BJP leaders Karan Singh,Gulshan Mahajan, Girdharilal,Surinder Annand,Gobind Sareen,Charanjeet,Jagjeevanlal,Ravi Singh, Kuldeep Kandhari,Chamanlal,Hari Om,Sangeeta Annand,Anita Gupta,Neelam,Rinnky,Sheela,Rajinder Gupta,Santosh,S.Balbir Singh,Samson Gill,Santosh,Sanjay,Rajinder Singh,Sewa Ram,Jyoti Gupta and Sunita.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that the developmental works in the constituency are not only our duty but a mission that gives us a lot of delight and satisfaction.He said that when we see our country growing and prospering and visualize that India would be one of the most powerful and resourceful country on earth in the near future,we all bow to the leadership of our Prime Minister Sh.Narinder Bhai Modi Ji. Rajesh Gupta said that our PM has transformed the way we used to think and has made a paradigm shift from the policies of the previous government’s.The amount of proactive approach that this govt has displayed in every sphere has put our country amongst the top most performers in the world.
Rajesh Gupta made a fervent appeal to the people of his constituency to actively participate in the various developmental schemes launched by the Modi Govt.