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Youth must become assets, not liabilities for parents: Balbir

Sharing the information about Corporation’s welfare schemes for various sections with the party workers at Kacchi Chawani office, J&K, SC, ST, BC Development Corporation Limited, Vice Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, said it was also a part of the political activists’ duty to educate the youth around them about these schemes so that more and more of them get benefited out of the facilities provided by the government as regards their avenues of earning.

The idea is to convey to the educated youngsters, be it girls or boys, that they should not become a liability for their parents after they complete their education. It is for all such youth to understand this well that government jobs can not be provided to every one of them nor are these available in plenty. Therefore, instead of waiting and sitting idle at homes, they should embark upon their own ventures, which can happen only after they think beyond the concept of government jobs, Balbir said.

There are a number of opportunities and openings available in entrepreneurship and developing own skills, the VC of the Corporation said, while throwing light on alternative ways and means of generating income. He said the youth must understand it well that in present era they cannot remain dependent on their parents for a long period as the expenditures have increased in each household to the extent that everyone must be able to earn something to support the expenses. It is in the wake of these requirements, the Corporation offers loans and similar incentives to the deserving and aspiring youth under various categories so that they are able to generate income and help their family by setting up own units.