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Sh. Ramesh Arora MLC took stock of the situation visited Jammu Municipality met with Health department officials

Dengue is spreading in the city of Jammu area and adjoining villages,even as many as 750 tests were conducted in Government Medical Collage and out of same 187 were found positive suffering with Dengue. The Killer Dengue is spreading in villages also and its effects can be more in other parts of Jammu region and many people must not have approached Medical college. Mr. Ramesh Arora MLC took stock of the situation visited Jammu Municipality met with Health department officials and Joint Commissioner Municipality and also visited Government Medical Collage hospital met with number of patients and also took up matter with the superintendent medical collage as principal was not available at that time. He also visited testing lab and blood bank and discussed the demand and supply of Platelet to patient, after holding meeting with all concerned.
Mr. Arora also discuss issue with Director health and commissioner health and ask them to affix hoardings indicating preventive measures to be taken in advance and during Dengue fever. Director health was asked to make people vigilant about the ongoing problem. A decision was taken that doctor should also address the media and educate the masses over the issue.
Mr. Arora expressed its displeasure over non use of platelet making machine where platelet count is up to one lac in a single bag. Especially when 187 cases were found positive. Why doctors of Jammu are so casual that instead of using the same they are depending upon the old process, where platelet counts ranges from six thousand to ten thousand. He also gave instruction to the technical staff that life of platelet bag is very less as it expire within one hour and can cause negative effect, so ask the head of department of blood bank that platelet must be carried out up to to patient through a technllical person so that it can administered properly.
Mr. Arora said that maximum use of Chopra Nursing home be made for such patients because such patients require complete bed rest and there is no specific medicine except giving the fluid and platelet count. He advised the public to ask the patient to stop all movement and take maximum water or other medicines like Gloya, goat milk etc. which increases platelet. He asked director health that services of Sarwal hospital and Gandhi Nagar hospital must be used to maximum extent and only patient where platelet count goes below one lac be referred to medical college. He also asked director health to awaken the public. Mr. Arora express displeasure over municipal authorities also for not starting fogging for killing mosquitoes of dengue and they assured that two teams will start fogging from today in houses and at public place. He also directed director health that out of four fogging machine two must be deployed in city areas as number from city is increasing. Although it was informed that three deaths have occurred due to swine flu.
He asked all the concern that he will remain in touch and directed further that it is an emergency and we have stop spreading of dengue by all efforts and public in general should get dengue fever tested in case of fever without disturbing the patient and incase it is found positive follow up of taking maximum fluid can be given at residence also and in case there is drastic fall of platelet then they must got patient admitted and best way is to take care of the patient and stop their movement. Don’t allow water to be collected in cooler adjoining to house as it grows in fresh water.