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Sh. Sat Sharma conducts tour of Ward 32

Instructs to clear blocked sewerage system within one day

BJP State President & MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma toured Sarika Nagar and adjoining areas of Ward No. 32 in Jammu West Assembly Constituency to take stock of the problems due to the blockage of the sewerage system as well as ongoing development works in the area. He was accompanied by local BJP leaders and departmental officials during his tour.

Sat Sharma, during his tour in the area, met with the aggrieved locals to listen to their problems and to address the same on the war foot. He interacted with the locals during his door to door visit of the place to take stock of the ground situation. He took serious note of the grave situation arisen to the flooding of the roads and the lanes in the area and commented that, he is really heartbroken to see such a pathetic condition of the area which is giving a feel of the underdevelopment. He asked that, he will be failing in his duties as the elected represented of the people, if he pulls his foot back to mitigate the sufferings of the people due to the present rains. He commented that the area has been left far behind in the developmental process by the successive previous Congress led governments, but now, as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the Central Government, all the public representatives and the public concern departments are dutibound to address the aspirations of the public on priority basis. He also laid emphasis on, that how, PM Modi is working tirelessly for “Swacch Bharat” with focus on every single area of the Nation. He said that the present dispensation is holding a very clear view to leave no area with underdevelopment, although the whole process will take some time, but in the due course, every region and area of India is set to become model world in itself.

While having the real time assessment of the situation, he directed the departmental officials to take all necessary steps to clear the debris and make sure the free flow of the sewerage system in the area. He asked them to comply with the order as early as possible and deliver the desired results within one day. He gave clear instructions, that no complaint should come from the locals regarding the functioning of the departments to fight with the insanitation due to the clogged system.

Sat also asked locals to report any irregularity during the other ongoing developmental works. He claimed, that soon every lane and drain of the constituency will be reconstructed and every chowk will be illuminated with the street lights. He also spoke about the various projects initiated under the various schemes for the provision of clean drinking water for the common public. He also assured them that he will do his best part with his CDF and other measures to mitigate the sufferings of public.

District President Ayodhya Gupta, AEE UEED Sewerage Habinder Singh Bhel, AEE UEED Drainage Ajay Gupta, JE UEED Sunil Kr. Gupta, JE UEED Randhir Singh, JE UEED Susheel Bajaj, Jeet Angral, Adv. Rajesh Gupta, Sat Pal Karlupia, Kiran Wali, Tilak Gupta, Lovekesh Gondi, Rahul Mehra, Vijay Sharma, Neelam Nargotra, Keshav Chopra, Asha Sethi, Deepak Kumar, Sachin, Rahul, Ankush Sharma and others also accompanied the MLA during the tour.