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Sh. Sat Sharma distribute hybrid, high density fruit plants and undertook plantation drive

Department of horticulture held an impressive function in which BJP State President & MLA Jammu West, Sat Sharma distributed hybrid, high density fruit plants to the common masses and undertook plantation drive in the Park opposite Gurudwara Tali Saab. BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru and District President Ayodhya Gupta also accompanied MLA during the drive.

While addressing the general public and the BJP activists during the distribution and plantation function, Sat Sharma said that, this is very good endeavour of the department to hold such programmes, as it is due to the plants, that the atmosphere on the Earth is Oxygenated and the environment is made suitable for the sustenance of all types of life forms. He remarked that at present, only Earth is recognized life supporting planet habitated by the life forms, but going with the pace of deforestation, it is highly supposed, that sooner or later, we will be in need for portable Oxygen carrying device tied on our backs to be able to survive. He attributed this to the ever-increasing greed of mankind, growing urbanization, mushrooming of unplanned industries and cautioned that humanity has to take steps to check this nuisance in order to save mother Earth from destruction.

Sat Sharma praised Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for his whole hearted efforts towards the campaign of “Save Van Dhan” so as to protect the nature. He said that PM Modi has called for contribution from all the sections of the society in this regard and attributed this work as Godly act. He also said that it is our tradition for centuries known to man to worship the nature to take its blessings, so every person must take steps to plant more and more trees and ensure their survival as well. He said that drives will be continuously taken for the development of orchards in rural and hybrid high density plants in the urban area every year.

Chief Horticulture officer, Lokesh Kumar Bali, said that the aim for conducting this program is to create awareness among the general masses towards the horticulture. He said that 100 plants of Guava, 50 plants of Mango and 50 plants of Citrus fruits mainly Lime were distributed in the function. He added that, urban farming may provide an alternative source of organic fresh fruits within people’s homes.

Horticulture Development Officers Sandeep Sharma and Rakesh Kumar Bhagat, AEE JMC J.P. Saraf, JE V.K. Raina, Jeet Angral, Adv. Rajesh Gupta, Sanjeev Sharma, Deepak Kumar, Veena Gupta, Keshav Chopra, Vinod Wazir, Neelam Nargotra, Asha Sethi, Surjit Singh Chib, Ankush Sharma and others were the prominent Departmental officers and political activists present in the function.