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Sh. Sat Sharma felicitate Alp-Vistaraks

BJP State President & MLA Jammu West, Sat Sharma and Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly, Kavinder Gupta along with District Presidents Baldev Singh Billawaria and Ayodhya Gupta, honoured party whole timers who devoted 15 days of extensive party working in areas other than their home constituency for the expansion of party base and taking all the party as well as government policies to the common masses at party office, Kachi Chawni and party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar.

Sat Sharma, while addressing the whole timers, popularly known as “Alp-Vistarak”, expressed his gratitude towards them, saying that they have done a great service to the party as well as the society and the Nation. He said that the BJP is known for its cadre based activities and strongly built organizational set up, which is well maintained over the decades holding its principle of “Nation first, Party Second, Self Last” in very high esteem, throughout these years. He said that due to the virtues of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Party National President, Amit Shah as well as the hard working dedicated party workers, BJP has emerged as the single largest party in the whole world, in terms of primary membership and the work of Alp-Vistaraks have further resulted in the reach of party activities to every booth level. He also said that, in view of the dedicated work done by these volunteers, party will entrust them with more responsibilities in the times to come, so that they are enabled to do more service for the party as well as the society.

Kavinder Gupta, while felicitating the Alp-Vistaraks, said that the work done by these volunteers is not dependent on recognition by some material means. He said that the very existence of BJP depends upon the unselfish work done by the great personalities over the years bearing the burnt of all odd working conditions. He said that today BJP has established its stand on the Nationalism throughout the world. He also said that the whole exercise has given a strong message in the public, that the BJP is working on its own to take government schemes to the public to ensure their implementation, not just depending upon the usual machinery.

Baldev Singh Billawaria, said that total 57 Alp-Vistaraks from District Jammu worked in the Udhampur, Ram Nagar and Gandhi Nagar Mandal areas.

Ayodhya Gupta also detailed about the Alp-Vistaraks and said that total 25 volunteers from district Jammu West worked in the Udhampur area.

Prem Gupta, Sanjeev Sharma, Mohan Singh Rana, Vinay Gupta, Sunil Sharma were among the prominent persons present on the occasions.