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Sh. Sat Sharma inaugurates Diagnostic Laboratory in Sarwal

BJP State President & MLA Jammu West,  Sh. Sat Sharma along with prominent citizen & social activist, Bansi Lal inaugurated a diagnostic center by the name of Shivangi Health Care, which is an authorized collection center for Swastik Diagnostic Laboratory at Jalebi Morh, Sarwal, Jammu in order to cater out the health needs of the local population in the presence of local BJP leaders and august gathering of large number of prominent and elderly persons during the programme.

Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering after the inauguration of the laboratory, said that the health is the primary concern of all individuals for every age right from the infantile stage to the old age and particularly in the present times owing to the sedentary life styles by the ever increasing number of use of gadgetry in every household or official works. He said due to the lack of the physical exercise and increase of stress in the day to day working marred by the hectic schedules, the bodily organs are unable to cope with new lifestyles especially adopted in the urban areas, which leads to the imbalances in the biochemistry of our human body system and to timely diagnose and to avoid the unwanted ailments, quality diagnostic services are needed in every nook and corner of the human rehabilitation.

Sat Sharma said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken many steps to promote the entrepreneurship in the Nation and congratulated the proprietor of the new enterprise for venturing out in the self sustaining mode of living. He hailed their decision of becoming entrepreneur and eventually a job giver in place of job seeker and said that there are plenty of growth opportunities in the self businesses and the youth of J&K must shift their focus towards entrepreneurship instead of wasting much time their precious years running from pillar to post in search of government jobs. He expressed hope that the laboratory will provide quality health services in reasonable rates to the needy population. Owner of laboratory, Ajay Kanotra apprised the MLA that free test reports for the particular age groups will be provided at their doorsteps and quality tests under hygienic conditions will be conducted.

Besides the owners Sanjeev Sharma, Keshav Chopra, Jatin Sethi, Neeraj Gupta, Atul Bakshi, Sanjay Sawhney and other prominent locals were also present on the occasion.