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Sham inspects Sitlee Filtration Plant

Minister for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Sham Lal Choudhary today visited several Water Supply Schemes including Sitlee Filtration Plant to take stock of supply positions of potable drinking water in Jammu and its adjoining areas. At Sitlee, the Minister went around various sections of the plant and inspected the water filtration process. He was apprised that the plant discharges 1.80 lakh gallons of water per hour. He was informed that there are 12 water pumps in the plant, of which 9 are used for pumping water on daily basis and 3 are kept stand-by. He instructed the concerned for proper treatment of water before its supply. The Minister called for maintaining punctuality and work culture saying that the people should not face any inconvenience due to manpower or machinery during the summer season. He said that the damaged transformers and water pumps should be repaired on priority so that these could be used at the time of exigency. The Minister also inspected water receiving station at Manda. Among others, Chief Engineer PHE and other senior officers of the department accompanied the Minister during the tour.