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Sharma demands implementation of green laws

BJP Senior leader & Convener of Tawi Andolan Chander Mohan Sharma (Adv.) has demanded strict implementation of all the green laws in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a press conference, Chander Mohan Sharma said that large scale deforestation, uncontrolled excavation, mining etc and illegal occupation of forest land, grabbing of land pertaining to the water bodies has put the state to danger of devastating floods, cloudbursts, and other natural calamities. The present situation calls for drastic and coordinated but prompt action for removing all sort of encroachments, constructions, occupations and intrusions over the forest land and within and around all rivers and water bodies to save the environment, ecology and the very human existence.
“Ecological deterioration, brutal exploitation of natural resources and uncontrolled constructions are dangerous for human beings and its perpetrators and violators are bigger enemies than even those indulging in terrorism as they are enemies not only of humanity but of all living beings and nature. The Uttrakhand is a glaring example of this lapse.
Just nearly two years back, state faced a flood fury attributable to all such lapses but neither the government nor the public has learnt any lesson.
Sharma expressed shock that such environmental and ecological issues and impending danger remained upto paper and file work and it was never taken seriously.
He said that when the formation of popular government and political agenda is being discussed, the environment and ecology should also find place in the coalition partners’ political and governance agenda.
Recently, media has reported that Jammu Kashmir Police has not been taking cognizance of such incidents of encroachments, land grabbing of forest land in Bhatindi and Chhatta areas. Appreciating the retrieval of some Forest land recently by the Forest Authorities, Sharma appealed the Governor for his intervention and to direct the administration to strictly observe the Green Laws.
Sharma also appreciated the programme of extension of new flyover upto Jammu Airport and from Bikram Chowk to Ambphalla at BC Road.
BJP Working Committee Members Subash Gupta and Surinder Sharma were also present in the press conference.