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Let’s justify calling India a welfare state : Bijral

Urban India which constitutes 28 percent of country’s population is served by 80 per cent of country’s doctors while 72 per cent of rural India looks up in sky for Mercifull’s Mercies. Isn’t there the need for the society and those that matter to justify India as ‘WELFARE STATE’?
Startled by the report of Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers Of India (OPPI) made public which reveals 75 per cent of dispensaries, 60 per cent of hospitals and 80 per cent of doctors are located in urban areas constituting 28 per cent of India, S.S.Bijral former IGP and BJP state spokesperson said one marvels over wellness criteria applied in the country-a welfare state.
The spokesperson said the doctors successfully manage to avoid rural area posting through unholy nexus with politicians concerned only with the next election. Rural areas- the poor India- constituting over 70 per cent of country suffer neglect because media, the powerful fourth estate politicians only are scary of, concentrates mainly in the urban areas and administration toes their line for their public image building, at the huge cost of deprived rural population.
Former IGP Bijral said with India having been listed at slot 7 amongst world top ten wealthy nations ahead of Canada , Australia and Italy, expects the country would upgrade its present global status in health care, at present the lowest at 4.1 per cent of GDP , bettering the health care facilities of over 70 per cent of badly suffering rural India. This done, he said would check heightened influx of rural population migration to towns where other infrastructural facilities getting stressed beyond capacity.
Appreciating the release of the report by KPMG, globally one of the top four companies undertaking audit, headquartered at Amsterdam Netherland and backed by Ministry of Health & Family Planning, the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemical & Fertilisers, at OPPI hosted 5th Health Care Access Summit, Bijral said country eagerly looks forward to having our own reliable survey systems that keep alerting the administration in time while spreading public awareness as to their entitlements and nation’s capabilities.