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Showing respect to National Anthem is first duty: Sethi

The direction of Supreme Court of India on playing national anthem in Cinema Halls before each movie show and directions for everyone to stand in respect except those who are having handicap has led to situation where most of people present in Cinema Halls playing National Anthem are standing in attention to show respect but there are some people who aren’t showing respect to National Anthem for whatsoever reason other than handicap which at times lead to altercation.

BJP Chief Spokesperson, Sunil Sethi has said in press release that everyone present in Cinema Hall should stand in respect when National Anthem is playing unless he is exempted and not standing in respect to National Anthem is not only contempt of Supreme Court but also insult to National Anthem which entails penal consequences.

He said that National Anthem is being played even in some movies as part of story like in recent movie Dangal and its very sad that certain people don’t stand up to show respect while majority is standing. Cinema officials are also required to stop movie to put notice of coming of National Anthem for people to stand up. Act of defiance to showing respect to National Anthem can’t be overlooked. Citizens who don’t respect National Anthem and National Flag deserve no sympathy.

Sunil Sethi further asked the public that wherever they see such defiance or disrespect they should ask person concern to stand up or leave Cinema Hall till National Anthem is being played and in case of resistance they should report matter to Cinema authorities to ask person concerned to leave hall or to report to police. It is sacred duty of all citizens to not only show respect to National Anthem and National Flag but also to see to it that nobody disrespect them. He also called upon police authorities to view defiance seriously to implement Judgment of Supreme Court effectively.

Maintaining peace and communal harmony is very important and so is maintaining prestige and honour of National Symbols.  Sunil Sethi reiterated that all liberties and rights flows only from Nation and are available only to persons who take pride in being Indians and performing Fundamental Duties.