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Shri Sat Sharma raises issue of PoJK displaced families in J&K Assembly

BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma moved “Calling Attention Notice” in the Legislative assembly of Jammu & Kashmir for the Minister of Disaster Management, Relief, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction and Floriculture related to the delay in distribution of Funds to displaced families from Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK).

While calling the attention of Minister, Sat Sharma highlighted the grievances of families who are displaced and facing distress due to the lack of facilities and other essentials. Sharma argued that that it is a matter of concern for all that why the issues pertaining to displaced families have not been sorted out yet.

Sat Sharma sought the details of number of families who have been already paid the designated amount and also about the number of cases of beneficiaries lying pending with the R&R department as well as the Central government.

He was duly replied that the Ministry of home Affairs (MHA) has already paid the amount of four hundred thirty six crores eleven lakh twelve thousand three hundred and five rupees (4,36,11,12,305) to the eight thousand fifty one(8851) beneficiaries so far. While 847 cases are presently lying with the Relief and Rehabilitation Department, which will be cleared with in a week’s time. He was also told that 2699 cases are presently lying with the MHA Department thus putting sum of all such cases as 12397. Total number of families to receive the benefit under this process are 36384.

Sharma also requested the Minister to provide a soft copy to all the Hon’ble members of house and formulate a team of worthy members to address the issues of displaced families. He also stressed on the point that the 5300 families who have settled outside the state have been denied compensation till date, but they must be included in the list for the package as they are also the sufferers of same distress.

Sat Sharma lamented that for the decades filled with long years of distress and distraught, the families who were forced to abandon their homes while parting with the lives of many of their near and dear ones including the loss in terms of property and livestock, it becomes the first duty of the government to make out the best effort to dress their wounds, but the successive governments in the past never cared for their plights and only pursued their vested agendas. He stressed that only the BJP under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi took concrete steps to give healing touch to these deprived sections.

Hon’ble Minister in the reply assured that the cases will be processed on the fast track basis in a time bound mechanism and every effort will be done to address their issues.