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Stop shedding crocodile tears for border dwellers and Army: BJP to Congress

New found love of Congress leaders of the State for border dwellers and Army is nothing but another example of opportunistic politics,blamed Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release issued here today. Congress during its rule did nothing to mitigate their woes but exploited the border dwellers for vote bank politics with false promises. It is the Bharatiya Janata Party which has not only embarked upon to fulfil the promises made to them but has gone a step ahead by including “development of border areas” as a flagship programme by the Modi led NDA government. Green signal has been given for construction of community and individual bunkers in all the five districts on the IB/LOC in the Jammu region to minimize loss to life and prevent causalities, the compensation for loss of human life and injuries, damage to property, loss of cattle and injury to cattle has been increased manifold. There is a glaring difference in what Congress did for them and what BJP is doing and in order to hide their guilt and non-performance Congress is now shedding crocodile tears by holding road side shows and rallies, accused Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson. “Can Congress spell out even a single measure taken by them for the welfare of border dwellers during the tenure of last two successive governments, if not then why this drama all of a sudden,” questioned Brig Gupta? The border dwellers may appear simple but are very alert and alive to the realities and are not likely to be carried away by these theatrics warned the statement.
Congress is also misleading the people by blaming the present BJP government at the Centre for heightened tension on the LOC. The truth is otherwise. According to Lt Gen D S Hooda, ex-Northern Army Commander, “the increase in violence along the LOC had actually started during the previous UPA government and has little to do with any political rhetoric.” The Congress is playing politics in the name of the Army which is an apolitical organisation and is best advised to refrain from the same said Brig Gupta. It were the Congress leaders who demanded evidence after the successful surgical strike carried out by the Army thus challenging the veracity of the statement made by the then DGMO of Indian Army.
“Armed Forces are considered sacrosanct universally and are never subjected to partisan political debates. Only here we find some political parties bickering over a non-negotiable condition without realising its implications on the morale of rank and file. While it is understood that the separatists have to toe the line of Pakistan because they are on its payrolls, the behaviour and statements of Congress leaders are baffling and mind-boggling. Be it during the surgical strikes or on the question of interference with anti-terror operations, Major Gogoi case or calling names to the present Chief of Army Staff, Congress has repeatedly emerged on the wrong side. Finding itself on the losing side everywhere and every time and shrinking in popularity and mass base, the party is acting out of desperation visualising its total eclipse,” said Brig Gupta.
The Congress leaders on many occasions have openly expressed support for the terrorists while criticising the Army. Salman Nizami, a joint secretary of JKPCC who had recently campaigned for the party in Gujarat and called Indian Army “a bunch of rapists” in a latest tweet has called Major Aditya “killer”,whereas, the local leaders of the same party are trying to gain public sympathy by condemning Mehbooba Mufti for using the word “black sheep”. What a duplicity, exclaimed Brig Gupta!