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Sikhs Gaga over celebration plan of 10th Guru birth anniversary

PM Modi govt plan of holding yearlong celebration of 350th birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikh faith has sent Sikhs gaga with the statement of RSS that it would act as Guru’s messenger through all its affiliates, claimed BJP State Spokesperson S.S. Bijral addressing press conference at party headquarters .

S.S.Bijral (IGP Rtd), while welcoming the announcement of Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his budget speech that Rs 100 crores were being earmarked for year long celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh’s 350th birth anniversary, expressed gratitude on behalf of the community to BJP-NDA govt led by PM Narendra Modi. He said the step would encourage Sikh masses, since marginalised after 1984 massacre particularly in Delhi, to re-enter mainstream for their crucial role in nation building as per Sikh glorious history, it would also enlighten Bharat youth about the matchless spirit of selfless service, sacrifice and valour instilled by Guru Gobind Singh in the Indian masses and thus motivate them to contribute towards strong nation building.
Bijral acknowledged with satisfaction and pride the statement of RSS Gen Secy Suresh ‘Bhaiya ji’ Joshi and Sikh Sangat General Secretary Avtar Singh Shastri, calling for spread of message of Guru about valour and sacrifices across country so that enthusiasm and faith could be transmitted in the national life as there was the dire need for same. He said the situation then prevailing of social & economic exploitation of poor on man created divisions of religion, caste and religious conversions remain the same with modus operandi having changed. Guruji’s calling upon his father Guru Tegh Bahadur at his tender age of 9 years to personally challenge the tyrant ruler against forced conversions, raising of fearless indomitable Khalsa Panth and assigning ‘Guru Gaddi’ to Sri Guru Granth Sahib shall continue to be hailed as greatest gift of 10th Guru of Sikhs to the human society. Gurus response to sacrifices of his four sons fighting justice for others saying “char mooeiy to kya hua, jeevat kayee hazaar” speaks of matchless spirit of his service to the nation.
S. S. Bijral recalling the directive of Bharat Rattan Madan Mohan Maviya to Hindu society to have their eldest male born be christened a ‘Sikh’, lauded the wisdom behind so choosing as Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh was one who imbibed Guru’s teachings: “manas ki jaat sabh ekeiy pehchanbo” meaning universal brotherhood having been fathered by One God; “deiy Shiva ver moaeiy eheiy, shubh karman tei kabhoon na taroon, na taroon er sion jab jaeiy laroon nischei ker apni jeet karoon,” meaning O Lord so bless me that I never stay behind in delivering good and when I have to take on enemy to fight for, I come out victorious,”; “na bheiy kahu ko dait hai, na bhaiy maanat aan” meaning neither create fear nor be fearful yourself; “jaiy rat lageiy kapreih, jama hoeiy pleet, jeiy rat peeveiy maansa tin kyon nirmal cheet”, meaning how can corrupt the blood sucker of poor be at peace with himself.
The Sikhs, though a forward looking community, believing in the dictate of God Almighty, are but sore and disappointed that justice is alluding them both in case of 1984 Sikh massacre in Delhi and other parts and also in case of killings of 35 Sikhs at Chhattisingh Pora in Anantnag, where mystery just shrouds as to why and who did it. The deliverance of justice in these two long pending issues would help encourage the Sikh community to partake actively in fulfilment of dream of PM Narinder Modi: ‘build a strong secure progressive India- Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’.
BJP Cells State Incharge S. Varinderjit Singh, Senior leader S.Amreek Singh and BJP youth leader S. Gurdyal Singh Bali were also present in the press conference.