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Situation demands hard steps: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta while responding to the statement of Omar Abdullah, the Working President of National Conference said that either Omar Abdullah does not understand the gravity of the situation that is being witnessed in the valley and Pakistan’s continuous efforts to push militants into the valley and its engagement in heavy shelling with mortars from across LoC to the different locations in Indian side, or he is deliberately trying to politicize the issue to grind his vested interests and indirectly helping the enemy across the border. He said that no innocent person is being harassed and no repression of common people is being conducted. He added that only those who are involved in criminal acts like attacking police stations, burning public property, disturbing peace and communally harmony and becoming instrument in the hand of enemy to spread terrorism are being punished as per the law of the land and said that these are handful of the people.

Prof. Virender Gupta said that common masses in the valley are being terrorized and are fed up by the so called imposed curfew by terrorists and by these elements. He reminded Omar Abdullah of the similar actions taken against such elements after 1996 and in 2010 when National Conference government was in power.

“After the crackdown on such element the situation in the valley has started improving and becoming normal”, he said and added that no country in the world tolerates such type of lawlessness and anti-national activities. He further said that Omar should look towards the happenings in gulf countries, in Pakistan and even in China where even the voice of dissent is not tolerated and those speaking against the atrocities committed by authorities or by a particular sect are being massacred mercilessly. “Even the so called democratic countries of West do not allow such type of activities posing challenge to the integrity of the country and punish severely those indulging in such acts”, Prof. Virender said. He advised Omar Abdullah either to help the government in bringing peace and normalcy in the valley or follow his father who in turmoil of 1990, left the state silently rather than politicizing the situation and returned back when normalcy was restored.