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Smt. Priya Sethi alongwith BJP Vice President honoured Sanitary Inspectors of JMC by drives launched in Jammu.

Giving a fillip to Swatch Bharat Mission and encourage more and more people to join mega cleanliness drive, Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks Priya Sethi along with BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi honoured Sanitary Inspectors of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) by lauding their contribution in monitoring various such drives launched in Jammu.

The occassion was clubbed with Diwali festival and Vishwakarma Day celebrations wherein the Minister alongwith BJP Vice President distributed sweets and presents as a token of respect and recognition of services of this workforce that never gets their due in terms of recognition of their services which they are rendering throughout the year.

Speaking on the occassion, Priya Sethi said that though the employees of JMC get paid for their work, yet the kind of efforts they put in to keep Jammu City clean is worth recognisable. There are times when night scavenging is done only to ensure that people in the morning hours get to move in a clean and hygiene city which also receives thousands of pilgrims everyday.

She said, the safaikaramcharis and their supervisors infact are keeping the city on move with their sincerest efforts. Urging people to cooperate with them by not littering everywhere, Priya Sethi said we all with our collective efforts can make Jammu a model state in terms of cleanliness. She also lauded the efforts of each and every individual and NGOs besides Mohalla committees who during past several years had been vigorously launching cleanliness drives.

Yudhvir Sethi while honouring the Sanitary Inspectors of JMC said that this workforce never gets encouragement and people must judge them by their work. He said several corporate houses, governments, NGOs, celebrities, politicians and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi are putting in their best efforts to keep India clean and change habits people when it comes to keep in their cities clean.

He said that school children, college goers and individuals are all participating in millions of cleanliness drives which must also be replicated in Jammu and Kashmir. He once again lauded the efforts of Sanitary Inspectors in keeping Jammu City clean. He said Jammu is a beautiful city located on a small hill and its geographical features help us keep it clean. In additional efforts of safaikaramcharis help us maintain more hygiene.

Yudhvir Sethi said role of Sanitary Inspectors and Safaikaramcharis during natural calamities and speadof epidemics is also noteworthy. Meantime, those present on the occasion, thanked the Minister and Yudhvir Sethi for recognising their services and assured that they will put in more efforts to maintain cleanliness in Jammu City. Other Who Were Present on the Occasion Anil Masoom, Lalita Sharma, Sunny Sehgal,Arun Sethi,Gulshan Kumar,Govind Sareen,Sudhir Anand,Rajesh Dogra,kartar,Satish,Romesh,Ravi Singh ,RamParshad,Dwarka, Narinder Aggarwal,Rajesh Dogra ,Swarn Singh,Ved Padha ,Booby and Others.