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Smt. Priya Sethi, Sh. Yudhvir, Sh. Vinay release Vrinda’s documentary ‘Ek Farz’ 

Former Minister Priya Sethi released a documentary titled ‘Ek Farz’ made by Vrinda Gujral, daughter of the soil, amid lockdown showing communal harmony displayed by the people of the country due to the outbreak of COVID-19, here on Saturday.

The documentary was released in presence of Yudhvir Sethi, J&K BJP Vice President and Vinay Gupta District President Jammu; Kuldeep Kandhari District General Secretary, Anil Masoom Corporator Ward 10, Narottam Sharma Corporator ward No 3,  Koki Jee District Secretary and Sanjeev Sawhney, Pawan Sharma, Rohin Chandan, Parveen Kerni Mandal President Saroj Jee and Kailash jee.

Speaking on the occasion, Priya Sethi said that Vrinda Gujral is the pride of Jammu and it is our responsibility to support such talents in future. She adding that Vrinda has proven their mettle by shinning in the field of academics, acting and culture and it is duty of every parent to give equal opportunity of study and growth to girl child.

Congratulating parents Manish Gujral and Asha Gujral, Priya Sethi said that dedicated attention by the family and constant efforts of Vrinda Gujral have bore fruits. She asserted that the efforts shown by Vrinda Gujral are testimony of the talent in the region and all out efforts would be made to nurture and encourage the young talent of J&K UT.

Priya Sethi emphasized the need for encouraging extra-curricular activities among the children and nurturing their talent from the early age. She underscored the importance of identifying the talent at the young age and facilitating them to catch the opportunities to prove their mettle and ability at the state and the national levels.

Yudhvir Sethi urged the government to create a platform for youth of Jammu and Kashmir to give youth an opportunity to showcase their talent at the national level. She said Jammu has traversed a long way over the years with its youth making big mark in every sphere of activity-art, sports, academics and culture.

Vinay Gupta while wishing her all good luck, said that entire Jammu will pray for her success and hoped that she will win the top positions as she is outstandingly brilliant young talent India has ever produced in the field of acting. 

They also lauded the role of Mihir Gujral, brother of Vrinda Gujral, who extended full support in completing the documentary by giving directions and his performance in it.

Vrinda and her parents thanked the former Minister for honoring her and supporting her work.