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Solution to J&K imbroglio should be inclusive: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta ridiculed Dr. Farqooq Abdullah’s statement that Centre is looking at Kashmir issue through the security prism and his demand for holding dialogue with all stake holders, including the Pakistan. He said that the prevailing situation in Kashmir valley where some of the misguided youth patronaged, instigated and funded by the separatists, Pakistan, ISI and ISIS are holding guns and the neighbouring country is importing well trained terrorists from across the borders, creating disturbances with a motive to bring Kashmir under the umbrella of pan-islamization and separate it from Indian Union, there is no scope except to crush such movement. He further said that Jammu and Kashmir is a settled issue and constitutes an integral and inseparable part of Indian Union since 1947 when Maharaja of the State signed the instrument of accession. He added that the people of the State endorsed the accession and J&K constituent assembly resolved in its constitution that J&K with its boundaries as existed in 1947, before the Pakistan aggression, is and shall be part of Indian Union. As such there is no question of holding dialogue with Pakistan to resolve the prevailing situation in the Valley, particularly, when it has staged a proxy war and engaged in brisk shelling of heavy ammunition from across the border. He added that only question that required to be resolved with Pakistan is the vacation of illegally occupied area of Jammu and Kashmir, called as POJK that includes Gilgit and Baltistan.

On Farooq’s statement that “Today Kashmir are annoyed with New Delhi as never before”, Prof. Virender said that it is the duty of all Kashmiri leaders who remained at the helm of state political structure, including Sheikh Abdullah, who actively contributed in their annoyance with New Delhi, to play their positive role in creating a conducive atmosphere, free of violence and gun culture by using their influence so that a positive dialogue can be conducted to restore peace in the valley.

The spokesperson further said that Kashmir valley does not represent whole of Jammu & Kashmir State, as such if any solution is to be found it should also be in consultation with the people of Jammu region, Ladakh region, Kashmiri Pandits, POJK displaced person and with those social groups of the valley who are against those elements who have disturbed the atmosphere of valley like Shia Muslims and Gujjar and Bakarwal communities. He added that any solution that is reached should fulfil the aspirations of all the above mentioned residents of the State.