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Statement of Durrani Pak’s biggest terror admission: Balbir

The recent statement of Pakistan’s former National Security Advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani on 26/11 Mumbai attack has once again exposed Pakistan in allowing its soil to impart training and pushing the terrorists into Indian territory to carry out subversive activities in Jammu & Kashmir and other parts of the country. It should be seen as biggest statement ever made by an ex-Pakistani General which proves that Pakistan is a terrorist sponsoring state.

This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan while terming the admission of Durrani that 26/11 Mumbai strike was a “classic example” of cross border terrorism, carried out by a Pak based group with expressing hope of punishment to Hafiz Saeed, said that India had been time and again telling the world community that Pakistan was a breeding ground for anti-India activities. Pertinently, Mahmud Ali Durrani exposed the role of Pakistan in the 26/11 Mumbai attack while speaking at the 19th Asian Security Conference.

Moreover, when a person like Mahmud Ali Durrani, who was once holding the key post of National Security Advisor of Pakistan, reveals something, it carries significance, the BJP leader said adding that such a revelation is a serious matter and every peace loving country should support India to further expose and alienate Pakistan for its brazen policy in allowing the training of terrorists and to be pushed into India.

Balbir said that it is high time for all to understand that terrorism is undoubtedly the single biggest threat not just for India, but to entire international peace and security adding that India has been clamouring hard as it has been victim of proxy war for decades now. However, it is a great relief and one more victory for India in the sense that Durrani reiterated what the Indian government has been conveying at global forums all these years, Balbir said and added that this only vindicates India’s stand on Pak sponsored terrorism.