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Cong betrayed DPs for 70 years: Dr. Narinder

BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, while terming the statement on Displaced Persons (DPs) of 19147, 1965 and 1971 by Congress leader Ravinder Sharma as false and outcome of the mere frustration, said that whatever has been alleged by the Ex-MLC is infact, part of the repeated attempts to escape the wrath of the refugees for betraying them for 70 years after independence.

Dr. Narinder Singh said that by making such statement the Congress leader is himself making fun of his party, which ruled the country continuously for decades, both at the centre as well as in Jammu & Kashmir state, but provided only lip service and now when out of power and left with no work, the Congress leaders are shedding crocodile tears. He said that the Displaced Persons cannot be befooled anymore by such statements of Congress leaders because they well understand that non-serious approach towards them is the result of their present day miseries.

Dr. Narinder Singh cautioned the DPs not to fall prey to the statements of Congress leaders and reminded them that it was the same Congress, which during its rule in 60s, deducted rupees 2500 from the total financial assistance of Rs. 3500 in lieu of the land/residence allotted to them. Again, it was the same Congress in chair in 1971, when names of 5300 families of DPs were deleted as they had to migrate in compulsion to other parts of the country to earn their livelihood.

“BJP makes it clear that the amount of rupees 5.5 lakh as sanctioned by Narendra Modi government is not the final compensation but first instalment to be followed by more in future”, Dr. Narinder Singh said and further added that the Congress is misleading the DPs even on the amount of compensation, which is highly unfortunate. He expressed hope that the Congress leaders will get themselves prepared with the facts on the vital issues before making statements just for the sake of inviting the attention of the suffering sections of the society.