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Swarnkar Sangh Jammu held a meeting at Jain Bazar where the MLA Sh.Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest.

In the meeting Swarnkar Sangh Jammu gave a memorandum of demands to the MLA regarding various issues concerning the Sangh and also the people of the area.
The members of the Sangh demanded that in Jain bazaar there is a need of a new transformer as the voltage is very low in the area with severe fluctuations.Another demand was for the construction of a new drainage system for Jain bazaar.The members of the Sangh also raised the demand of street lights in the Jain Bazaar.
MLA Rajesh Gupta sanctioned one new transformer from his c.d.f. on the spot and also gave directions to JMC officials to take up the work of drainage system immediately.Rajesh Gupta also assured that new street lights would be installed in the bazaar.
in the meeting Exn Sh. Ashok Gupta and JMC officials JE R.K. Koul were present.The members of the Swarnkar Sangh who were present in the meeting included the president Kulbushan Anand, Rajesh Nischal,Raj Verna,Vinay Talla,Arun Sethi,Vijay Verma and Subhash Chouhan. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included Prof Shyam,Ramesh Sharma,Daleep Gupta,Gokul Koul,Subhash Sanghra,Rajinder Sikka,Ashwani Sharma,Girdhari lal,Kuldeep,Vageesh Bharti,Ashish Sharma,Hariom, Chandan Gupta,Raj Kumar,Kannav,Raman,Rajesh Gupta, Gopal Gupta,Rajinder Gupta and Vinay Gupta .