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Teenagers exploited in a systematic manner: Arora

MLC Ramesh Arora (Adv.) return back after visiting Kashmir valley and said that the efforts of the state government have started giving good results and things are moving in a right direction and normalcy is approaching in the Kashmir region. He also appreciated the constant efforts of state as well as Home Minister of India Raj Nath Singh who is visiting again with all party delegation. Centre government is committed to sort out different issues and to provide healing touch. We are committed to continue the policy of Atal Behari Vajpayee who wanted to solve the Jammu & Kashmir problem in the parameters of Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jamhooriyat.

Ramesh Arora appealed the people to join hands in restoration of peace because development and violence cannot go together. He further said that drug and Pakistan money is freely flowing in the Kashmir region to support terrorists. Huge transaction through J&K Bank require scanning and there is apprehension that transaction may have been utilized to boost militancy. It is first time in the history utmost re-strain was used by security forces and approximately 4000 were injured and few lost their life. While analyzing different factors responsible for turmoil we have to see that we cannot demoralize the security forces who have already suffered a lot.

Arora said that teenagers are being exploited in a systematic manner to expose them in dangerous trap, without caring about their innocency and life. It is really painful that some have lost their lives and some have got serious injuries. We cannot look issue into isolation because Jammu region alongwith Ladakh has also suffered due to policies of different governments and that is why many issues like evacuee property, refugee problem, war refugees, displaced KPs issues also require serious deliberation and attention along with issue of unrest in Kashmir region.

Arora appealed all the workers of BJP in Kashmir to work with all those forces who wanted to restore normalcy because we cannot allow our paradise to be ruined by separatists and opportunists.