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Jammu business suffering due to Kashmir unrest: Mohtra

BJP Trade & Industry Cell State Convenor Kulbushan Mohtra, while addressing media persons alongwith Cells Prabhari S. Varinderjeet Singh, Members Trade & Industry Cell Sudarshan Khajuria and Bansi Lal Gupta, said that the ongoing unrest in valley has badly affected the Jammu business and caused losses to the tune of thousands of crores. He said that the industry business is the prime source of economy of the state as well as the employment provider. In Jammu and Kashmir the share of government in employment is three percent whereas the Trade & Industry provides employment which is seven percent. Many a time, the government cannot pay regular salaries to three percent of its employees whereas Trade & Industry employees get regular salaries despite strikes, bandhs and in situation like present one.

Mohtra said that the trade in Srinagar and Jammu had suffered during 2008 land row agitation and it took many years to bring the business on rails, which has not been in a position to recover fully and now unfortunately the traders are again suffering losses due to the ongoing unrest Kashmir. He said that the traders of Jammu province are concerned towards the losses and it appeals its counterparts in valley to work in the direction of convincing the trouble makers so that peace is restored and normal business starts once again. He also appealed to the state government to concentrate on 95 per cent people, who want peace and take stern action on the 5 per cent who are responsible for making troubles.

Kulbushan Mohtra, while appreciating the steps being taken by the Union government and the state’s coalition in unison to restore peace, said that the BJP Trade & Industry Cell urges upon the Narendra Modi-led NDA government to direct the All Parties Delegation to visit Jammu also for direct and on the spot assessment of the problems and grievances of the traders of winter capital.