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Third country’s mediation on Kashmir not possible: Prof. Virender

State BJP spokes person, Prof. Virender Gupta strongly criticized Farooq Abdullah’s statement asking for third party mediation of China and USA to resolve the Kashmir issue and said that Farooq speaks of Pakistan voice and trying to internationalize the Jammu and Kashmir issue. He said that as per Shimla Agreement after 1971 war both India and Pakistan are committed to resolve the issues, including that of Jammu and Kashmir bilaterally and there is no scope of mediation by any other country. For India, whole of Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of India and it is Pakistan that has illegally and forcefully occupied the some areas of it and it is required to get vacated those areas, its claim on Kashmir Valley is unjustified. Prof. Virender Gupta asked Sheikh Abdullah to read the history of Accession of Jammu and Kashmir State, the negotiations those were held between Government of India and the Kashmiri leaders at the time of accession and go through the Constitution of India and that of Jammu and Kashmir. He added that Farooq should be clear in his mind that the constitution of India does not permit to separate any part of its territory from its jurisdiction.

The spokesperson said that unless the voice of separation does not die down in the Valley, unless Pakistan does not stop its aggressive policy of engagement in proxy war with a motive of snatching Kashmir from India by sending trained terrorists, supporting the terrorism by all means in the Valley, the hostility between India and Pakistan cannot end. Therefore, he advised Farooq and his other partners who speak for Pakistan and encourage the separatism in the Valley, to address Pakistan to stop its nefarious designs and use their influence, if they can, on Kashmiri masses to restore peace and become the part of national main stream.

Prof. Virender was critical of Rahul Gandhi’s comment that Modi’s and NDA’s policies are burning Jammu and Kashmir and said this was an immature and childish statement and was expected from the Vice-President of the second largest party of India, which has long history of omissions and commissions with regard to its policy on Jammu and Kashmir