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Those responsible for N.I.T Violence will not spared: Jugal Kishore

On Wednesday, during the celebrations of the foundation day (6thApril) of the Bhartiya Janta Party, at R.S Pura ,former State President and Member of Parliament from Jammu-Poonch Jugal Kishore Sharma categorically warned those involved in the violence at the N.I.T-Srinagar said that “Anybody, whosoever is found involved in the act will not be spared at any cost.The N.I.T-Srrinagar incident had gone viral on the Social Media and the Netizens are directly blaming the Jammu & Kashmir Police for mercilessly beating the innocent students of a particular community, who were protesting silently inside the campus, and were raising the slogan “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, along with waiving tricolor, as per the social media how the Police was called inside the campus and what were the intentions of the Director of the Institute, and through this incident the safety of the rest of the students from other parts of country and outside Srinagar has been exposed ,and the parents are fearing that anything worse could happen.Jugal Kishore Sharma has strongly condemned the incident and had requested the Chief Minister Mtr.Mehbooba Mufti to constitute a committee under the Chairman of the Retd.Justice so that truth could be brought in front of the people, and the people who allegedly snatched the tricolor from the students inside the campus and involved in the lathicharge with the students will not be spared at any cost. We all are committed to provide a peaceful atmosphere to the citizens and to the students community in particular, the people who are trying to spread hate using “ism” as a weapon will not be allowed to succeed in their evil intentions and the Union and as well as the State Government is committed to provide that to the residents of Jammu & Kashmir.