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JKNPP allegations against BJP baseless, have no substance: Balbir

Coming down heavily on leaders of J&K Panthers Party for their anti-BJP statements in recent past, BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan today said these utterings are out of their sheer frustration and the allegations so made are baseless. He said that for quiet some time now, it has been observed that the leaders of Panthers Party, after being defeated badly by BJP candidates in the last assembly election, have become more vocal and active in organizing dharnas and protests and criticizing the coalition government particularly BJP, on one pretext or the other, albeit without any substance. Change in the behaviour and conduct of senior leaders of this Party is the outcome of mere frustration and grouse they have been nourishing against BJP, Balbir said.
He said that the recent allegation of Harsh Dev Singh, Panther Party Chairman, that corruption is fast spreading in the state and that BJP must ensure probity within its flock, is one such instance that goes on to say that Panther leaders are attacking BJP on baseless grounds. “While the BJP appreciates the concern of Harsh Dev Singh on corruption and his demand for enquiry, the party, however wants that it should start from the period when he was Education Minister that witnessed a number of complaints against transfer policy in his department and corrupt practices in the entire hierarchy of the department, the BJP leader remarked.
As far Harsh Dev Singh’s advice for probity within BJP, he said that there is no need of any probity as the entire BJP cadre and its ministers are working with a mission and never indulge in corrupt practices, which is why the allegations of Harsh Dev Singh are totally baseless. “He should, instead look into the behaviour of his own party leaders, particularly when they were enjoying political power in the state”, Balbir said.
While reacting to the statement of Panther Party President Balwant Singh Mankotia that “Tiranga Yatras” being conducted by BJP is causing traffic congestion, the BJP leader countered by saying these are the demonstrations on regular basis without any substantial cause being held by the Panther Party, which are actually violating all the traffic norms. “ It is politically convenient for them to see everything wrong in BJP activities….but they should remember that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones on others….”, the BJP leader observed while lamenting Panthers Party leaders’ criticism. It would have been good and appreciable, had Balwant Singh Mankotia and his colleagues joined the BJP’s “Tiranga Yatra” which is being organised to respect ,remember pay homage to the martyrs, who laid down their lives for the cause of the nation as also for the honour of national tricolor, Balbir said adding that such comments only amount to disrespecting the national flag, something which doesn’t behove well on the part of Panthers Party leaders.