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“Tulsi Vivah”  celebrated   at  Radha  Krishan  Deewan  Mandir  at  R.S Pura

A function was organized at R.S Pura in the local Radha Krishan Temple Ward No. 5 commonly known as Deewana Mandir, on the occasion of Kartik Ekadashi ,Tulsi Vivah was conducted, in which M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat and Vice Chairman Kissan Advisory Board were specially present on the occasion to witness the first ever “Tulsi Vivah” at Sub-District R.S Pura .Special Puja was conducted in the premise of the Shree Krishna temple. The Baarat of Shaligram , whom the Tulsi is married came from Bishnah. The Tulsi Plant is held sacred by the Hindus, as it is regarded to be an incarnation of Mahalaxmi who was born as Vrinda, later the Tulsi was married to the demon King Jalandhar, she prayed to Lord Shri Vishnu that her demon husband should be protected, and with the result no God was able to harm or defeat him, as she was considered to be a “Pativrata Stri”.However on the request of other Gods the Lord Vishnu took the form of Jalandhar and stayed with the unsuspecting Tulsi, when the truth was revealed after the death of Demon King Jalandhar ,Vrinda (Tulsi) cursed Lord Vishnu and turned him into Stone (Shaligram)  and collapsed. From her body emerged the plant of Tulsi, that is why Vishnu Puja is considered to be incomplete without the Tulsi leaves. The word “Tulsi” means what which cannot be compared, the “incomparable one”, and has spirituality uplifting qualities. The Tulsi has been found to possess extraordinary power of healing and has unbelievable Medicinal value as the practitioners of Ayurveda believe. While addressing the gathering Dr. Gagan Bhagat praised the Convener of Krishan Madhav trust Mahant Rajesh Sharma “Bittu” for organizing the Tulsi Vivah after a gap of 15 years, and such religious events revives the cultural and religious value of the country. The country is known from its tradition and culture, he appealed to the people present there to adopt Swadeshi items and turn to organic farming for which even the western countries are now practicing this trend. He also praised the Sant Samaj for leading the society, and lauded their role in “Social awakening” , every time when the country has been in crisis these respectable people of Sant Samaj has been pioneer to lead the society and country. He maintained that it is now high time to discuss the menace of Drugs on the society and country on every platform he further requested the Sant Samaj to awaken the society on this very important issue, as the “Narco Terrorism” has made its presence in our State. Daljet Singh also praised the role of organizers of the event and expressed his solidarity with the trust, he also lauded the role of Border residents in the situation which they are facing, and promised his support on every front. Several other prominent persons also addressed the gathering .On the occasion Businessman Satisg Gupta, Team Jammu Chairman Dalbir Singh,Satish Pandit,Subhash Dasgotra,BJP R.S Pura Mandal Pradhan Natharam,City President Inder Sudan,BJYM Mandal Pradhan Abhishek Gupta, Vinod Sharma, and others were present.


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