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When one disregards one’s own naivety: Bijral

One disturbs the hornet’s nest when one disregards one’s own naivety. This is what Jammu University Vice- Chancellor Prof. R.D. Sharma has done raking up issue of killing of Burhan Wani the slain terrorist.

Prof R.D. Sharma, the VC Jammu university during media interaction described the slain militant Burhan Wani of a ‘mass based personality’ and said, “To avoid unrest like situation prevailing in Kashmir valley for the last four months, I feel Burhan Wani should not have been killed but captured alive.”  S.S. Bijral, former IGP and spokesperson of state BJP said the Vice Chancellor having admitted he is not a politician but an academician ought to have avoided this pitiable situation. As academician his dabbling into a subject he had no competence is set to create rather than solve problem. But disregarded his ingenuousness  at security functions in particular and  governance in general.

For his artlessness at reviving an issue pushed to the background, Prof. Sharma ought to answer these posers: 1) Are you aware who is a terrorist for you said he should have been captured alive? 2) Are you aware when, and what qualifies a criminal to have a cash reward for his head? 3) Are you aware that Burhan Wani, carried a reward of Rs 10 lakhs on his head? 4) Are you aware of figures of police and security forces personnel martyred fighting terrorism in J&K  protecting sovereignty and integrity of country ?  5) What is the basis of your describing the said slain terrorist as a mass based personality? 6) What prevents you from believing in CM Mehbooba Mufti, the popular Valley leader & PDP President saying the current unrest is handiwork of only 5% of valley population & still insisting that we should understand mindset of Kashmiri people and make efforts for resolution of Kashmir problem. 7) What do you think is the Kashmir problem that requires resolution after state’s irrevocable accession to Union of India, endorsed by state Constituent Assembly and mandated by state Constitution.

From the comments made at press briefing, it’s only hoped that the Vice Chancellor didn’t intend to add more shine to the university after it’s A+ grading by NAAC on lines of JNU-‘badnam huveiy to kya hua, naam to hai. The spokesperson Bijral said the academician need better to upgrade university enlistment in top 200 universities of the world. It’s disheartening none of Indian universities have earned that standing.