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With ‘govern’ meaning to legally control a country or its people and be responsible for introducing new laws

With ‘govern’ meaning to legally control a country or its people and be responsible for introducing new laws, organising public services, how significant is PM Narender Modi led BJP/NDA govt to celebrate‘Good Governance Day’ the birth day of Bharat Ratan Atal Bihari Vajpayee of December 25. Good governance is a universal public cry, vital politically.

All knowing Bharat Rattan former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee a tall selfless leader, parliamentarian of long standing who  stood for high integrity, values & religiously devoted his life for nation, would welcome and laud govt decision to celebrate his birthday of Dec. 25 as Sushasan Divas (Good Governance Day), said S.S. Bijral former IGP & BJP State Spokesperson.

It is to ingrain and strengthen national spirit of service and not to be just customary to celebrate the day. Bijral said  let us remember what we inherited after UPA two term rule- a weak economy riddled with scams and mass corruption, insecurity on borders and within, a fallen national pride with good governance a stark casualty. So ‘Good Governance’ has to be our year long cry.

Absence of ‘good governance’, is what fueled J&k state’s turmoil, it is witnessing for decades. It earned tag of being 2nd most corrupt state in country. Politicians of the times played their own flute bothering only for elections to stay in power at the cost of poor. Former IGP said media alone  serves best the cause of good governance for it gives voice to public heart beat, brings authoritative minds to accountability under assertion of PM Narender Modi: “Good governance with good intentions is the hall mark of our govt; implementation with integrity is our core passion.”

Let us all celebrate year long the birthday of Bharat Ratan Atal Ji through our deeds where ever and whatever we are at knowing what our dynamic Prime Minister  Narinder Modi announced: “ The govt’s job is good governance for everybody. My govt will make policies; if you fit into it come on board or stay where you are. My job is not to spoon feed anymore.”