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Youth in Kashmir should focus on nation building: Dr. Magotra

Making a fervent appeal to the youth of Kashmir to understand the game plan of separatists and Pakistan and not fall prey to their anti-India trade, BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra said that youth is the future of any nation and they should not waste their time, talent and energy in activities like stone pelting but utilize the same for getting best education to become respectable citizens and bring respect to their families.
Dr. Suresh Magotra, was addressing a press conference at Trikuta Nagar office, wherein he welcomed the recent announcement of 200 crores for sports package to the youth of J&K and said the same can prove to be beneficial for the youth as more infrastructure and related facilities can be added for sports activities. He said that financial assistance from the central government is going to boost the morale of youth in all the three regions of the state, who have enough talent in various sports but lack required infrastructure.
“The talents of youth is like a pearl, which needs to be discovered and further polish to shine and it is possible when the government provides an environment full of facilities and future avenues of security for survival”, he said.
BJYM State President said that Modi led government is pro- youth and since the day it came to power at the centre, youth got a lot of packages for J&K from government. All the previous successive governments in State had done nothing special in their policy for the youth. He, on behalf of youth, thanked central government & Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, for allotting Separate Rs. 200 Crore for development of sports infrastructure in Jammu & Kashmir, which includes Rs. 88 Crores for renovation of Bakshi Stadium, Srinagar and MA Stadium, Jammu, Rs. 52 crore for upgradation of existing stadiums at Poonch & Rajouri and much more.
Dr. Magotra recalled the mega package in which Prime Minister announced Rs. 80,000 Crore economic package, double than the one sought, which included Rs. 2600 Crore, towards Human Resource Development, Skill Development and sports for the youth of the state.
Dr. Magotra urged upon the media to publish and highlight this information so that it reaches to every sports lover of state. The real talent get a chance to avail the opportunity and excel in their respective field of sport. He also added that, talented youth needs to pull up their socks now to shine at State and National level. With expression of encouragement, Dr. Magotra stated that his personal dream is that talented youth of the state (At Sports & Professional Level) soon should rise themselves individually to lead country as we have capacity to shine at International sphere..
Dr. Magotra also raised issue of Kashmir, where he stated any kind of loss in Kashmir is loss to state and loss to country on whole. Youth of Kashmir needs to be encouraged for good and our team is working towards it 24/7. Unity and affection are keys that leaders of Kashmir should focus on and cooperation from people on the same will help government to restore the peace in the valley again. Those who push innocent youth for violence are not innocent, they have to be answerable to the coming generations for these losses.
Dr. Magotra praised the participation of all political parties, who spoke in one voice on Kashmir. He added that wrongly motivated (very less %) of innocent youth of Kashmir needs to understand that Education adds to knowledge and skills, this leads to the upliftment of individual families, society, state and nation.
Others who were present in the press conference were State General Secretaries Vikas Choudhary and Tarun Sharma, State Vice-Presidents Munish Khajuria and Ajay Vaid.