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10 posers on 35-a to exploited people of Kashmir

Raging controversy apart over 35-A, an appendix of Indian constitution backed by presidential nod, and being examined by SC, S.S. Bijral BJP state spokesperson taking clue from PM’s Independence Day exhortation “Na Gaali Seiy, Na Goli Seiy, Kashmir Ka Masla Hal Kareingeiy Lagaa Apnein Galeiy Seiy”, posed 10 questions on 35-A to exploited people of Kashmir.

1. Is it morally right with daughter deprived of parental property rights upon marrying a non state subject?

2. Is it morally right availing opportunities of people in other states but denying same to them in J&K?

3. Do you know how badly people suffer denying well qualified, experienced teaching faculty, doctors, engineers and business executives from globally competing other Indian states the offer of citizenship rights in J&K?

4. Are you aware state is poor, backward because blessed potential of world class horticulture, handicraft, saffron, hydropower, minerals, tourism is untapped as state denies big business houses the needed land ownership rights?

5. Do you know J&K vast area holds no attraction for investment by globally competing Indian industrialists leaving state poor with surginunemployment?

6. Can you expect loyalty of outside bureaucrats denying them home and their children admission and employment as state citizen?

7. Should state keep holding begging bowl before centre for funds for development and employees salary?

8. You live life in poor undeveloped state, why should your future generations not avail happy, prosperous life growing India is promising?

9. Should not state politician’s rich wealth accumulated by exploiting people be exposed by NIA like it exposed terrorist funding ?

10. Should you not admonish, expose lies of NC stalwarts and others who apprehending their monopoly ending cry ‘Kashmiryat endangered’, as culture dies in exclusion and thrives with inclusion?

Let there be soul searching as we all are fathered by One God – Rabial ul Almin. Why allow to be exploited?