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Abdullahs trying to vitiate communal harmony: BJP

Reacting sharply to the repeated statements made by the Abdullah duo that “J&K did not accede to Hindu India but a secular India”, Brig Anil Gupta, BJP State Spokesperson, stated that by making such a statement they are trying to provoke the people and vitiate the communal harmony that exists in the Jammu region. India is not a new-born nation but a legacy of the oldest surviving civilization of the world known as the Indian Civilization and tolerance has been the main virtue of this nation. India is known for having welcomed people of all faiths, beliefs and religions and absorbing them into her own culture. People of different religions have lived in harmony in India since centuries as Indians and religion has never been the basis of their nationality, explained Brig Gupta. By bringing in religion, Farooq Abdullah is trying to mislead the innocent people and creating an atmosphere of communal disharmony, which is dangerous.

Despite grave provocations in the past few months, National Conference failed to disturb the communal peace in the region but the latest provocative speeches being made by the top leadership of the Party are clearly indicative of the intent of the leadership to create communal tension in the sensitive region, retorted Brig Gupta. Rather than concentrating on and voicing concern about the problems being faced by the common people, the Abdullahs are unnecessarily dragging religion to provoke the people. There is no distinction in India between its citizens based on caste, culture, creed and religion. All Indians enjoy the same fundamental rights and Muslims in India are the safest compared to the other regions. “Are Muslims safe in a Muslim Pakistan” questioned Brig Gupta? The plight of Muslims in POJK, Sindh, Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan is no secret and the entire world is aware of the miseries inflicted on them by fellow Punjabi Muslims.BJP appeals to the Muslim brethren of the region to not to fall prey to the provocative and misleading statements of the NC leadership and maintain harmony.