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Azad’s statement illogical, misleading : BJP

The State unit of BJP has strongly rebutted what it terms as the false and misleading statement of Congress’ top leader Ghulam Nabi Azad displaying himself as a very immature politician, who seems to be having less knowledge of democratic setup. Lamenting over Azad’s recent remarks over the border skirmishes, BJP has stated that the Congress leader’s immaturity got further exposed while he alleged that Modi government is responsible for situation along borders and unrest in Kashmir.

This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, while terming the allegations as baseless and irrational, which is merely aimed at tarnishing the image of BJP. Such illogical and unreasonable uttering are outcome of the fact that BJP has been repeatedly pushing Congress to the wall during the successive elections since 2014.

Balbir Ram Rattan reminded the Congress and its stalwarts that India is a democratic country and people elect or reject their representatives to form the government. Therefore, Congress has no right nor does it behove well on part of the senior most leader like Azad to blame BJP for terming the formation of government by BJP as the blunder, Balbir remarked.

In order to substantiate his point, the BJP leader gave the figures and facts on account of which it was not just a political expediency but imperative for the BJP to form the government.

“The BJP had won 25 out of 37 assembly seats and it was a clear mandate in favour of BJP while PDP too had  a clear mandate from the people  of Kashmir”, Balbir said and added that BJP and PDP have only  honoured the mandate of the people of Jammu and Kashmir respectively.

Balbir further said that the fact that Congress has been rejected by the people through the process of ballet, has not been accepted gracefully by this party. The single point agenda of Congress is to criticize BJP and its leadership, whereas they are turning a blind eye deliberately to the massive development projects undertaken by the present coalition government of BJP for the sole reason that the Congress has not yet reconciled to fact they are in opposition nor do they have the capacity to appreciate the good works being done by the present governments both at Centre and state level, the BJP leader said.

The BJP spokesperson further said it was unfortunate for the veteran Congress leader to count and compare the ceasefire violations during UPA regime and under the present dispensation, contending these are not the parameters he should use to describe the performance of the government. Moreover, if he feels for over 50 years people in Kashmir have not accepted Congress, there must be some reasons which leaders like Azad might be knowing better, he said.