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Regular Acidents & Loss of Life Calls for Stringent Laws: Vibodh

Citizens Loosing Life Because of Negligent Driving

 BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta reacted very sharply towards various regular accidents happening in different parts of the state. While expressing shock over the death of three persons and serious injuries to many persons in a bus accident at Guntrian in Poonch, Vibodh demanded a through probe into  the reasons behind this accident. In a press statement issued here he said that these days accidents and loss of life have become a routine affair and every time a accident happens we condole the loss of life and in the process the actual culprits behind these never get punished. While referring to another recent accident at Jamola in Rajouri, he said that in that accident also three members of a family from DaniDhar lost their lives. Latter it came to light through other passengers in the same bus that at that time, driver was drunk and was driving rashly. In such cases it becomes very vital that such guilty persons must be brought to book and strict punishment should be given to these. For these we need much more strong and strict laws and few negligent drivers should never be allowed to play with the lives of others.

Further the way in which the accidents these days have become a routine, Government, Civil Society as well as social organizations need to sit together and must chalk out a strategy to deal with this. As we have awareness campaigns for drugs and corruption, similar campaigns are needed for safe and smart driving as well. Now is the high time that concerned Government department’s dealing with vehicular traffic and roads must also give a serious thought to regular accidents and need to design a way out so that the regular loss of life because of these accidents must not become a routine. Also every time a accidents happens, we must ensure a through probe and fix responsibility for the person who are behind these. We can not allow this to go on and on and remain a mute spectator to this rather we need to ensure that highest possible punishment is given to culprits behind this. Also drivers using mobile phones during driving must be strongly punished as this has because a serious issue as far as safety of the people walking on the roads is concerned. Vibodh hoped for the speedy recovery of all the passengers who were injured in tragic accident at Poonch.