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B.J.P Govt. strengthened “POWER INFRASTRUCTURE” at R.S Pura

On Friday at Jammu M.L.A R.S Pura Dr. Gagan Bhagat briefed the Media persons on the “Power Infrastructure Development” in the R.S Pura Constituency. Talking to the fourth pillar of the democracy he said that the opposition is frustrated by the development being done in the R.S Pura Constituency including Jammu & Kashmir and in the whole country and they have nothing to do except holding fake protests and misleading the common masses, he urged the media to bring the facts in fron of the people of the state ,so that these frustrated and defeated persons of the opposition parties be exposed in front of them. Talking on the development that has been done particularly in R.S Pura Constituency, he thanked Deputy Chief Minister and Power Minister of the State Dr.Nirmal Kumar Singh for his efforts. He elaborated that in the first time of the history of R.S Pura a “Public Darbar cum grievances redressal camp” was held at Maralia Dak Bunglow chaired by Dy.C.M Dr.Nirmal Kumar Singh in which officers from all the government departments were present to listen and redress the public grievances along with the local M.L.A Dr.Gagan Bhagat and that too in a peak season when the Jammuites are facing tough times, and there is hue and cry for water and electricity. He gave the complete details about the works done in improving the power scenario at R.S Pura Constituency. He informed the media that several transformer Sub-Station have been created and many of them were upgraded on the directions of the Dy.C.M by the Chief Engineer of P.D.D Ashwani Gupta and XEN E.M & R.E-II Sudhir Gupta. While giving details of the R.S Pura Constituency he said that the stations which were created and upgraded included 250 KVA Premnagar,250 KVA Rattian,100 KVA Jindlehar,250 KVA Ward No.7 R.S Pura, 250 KVA Ward No.4 R.S Pura ,250 KVA Ward.No.12 R.S Pura,250 KVA Salehar,250 KVA Ban Sultan, 100 KVA Kotli Mian Fateh,250 KVA Gandli,250 KVA Kothey Salehar,250 KVA Gagian, 250 KVA Ward No.8 R.S Pura, 250 KVA Shiv Nagar R.S Pura ,250 KVA CHC R.S Pura, besides this more than 20 Electric Sub-stations are being proposed for New Creation and Up gradation in the R.S Pura Constituency. Giving details of the R.A.P.D.R.P in the R.S Pura town, he said that with the efforts of the BJP led State Govt. the said program have been started and it will benefit the town population by replacing the damaged conductors and poles besides metering in the area which will prevent illegal connections. The opposition parties are not able to digest the development work being done in the era of BJP led Govt. and are spreading rumors, but in reality these people from Congress and NC and other regional parties who are actually responsible for the conditions prevailing today, the present Govt. in the State in which Dy.C.M has started innovative steps for the welfare of the general public like Amnesty Scheme. The State will witness a complete overhaul in the Power Infrastructure when the Schemes like D.D.U.G.J.Y and I.P.D.S will come into full force. Dr.Gagan Bhagat appealed to the general public to just have patience as the BJP led Coalition Govt. in the State has been in power for just 13 months and those who are shredding crocodile tears are actually responsible for the present position. He said that the 6.3 MVA transformer will be be installed at Kullian and the surrounding Panchyats will be benefited , he thanked Dr.Nirmal Singh and M.P Jugal Kishore Sharma for the upgradation at the Kullian Sub-Station.