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Balbir conducts physical verification of loan units

With an objective of taking stock of the ground existence of the units being established and run on the loans availed from Jammu & Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, its Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan, along with team of the officials, conducted physical verification of some small units in different parts of Jammu West District.

During his visit to a unit under Name & Style “R.S. Traders”, situated in Janipur and run by an unemployed youth Rajesh Kumar belonging to Scheduled Caste community, the Vice Chairperson was told that four years ago, a loan of rupee one lakh was availed by the loanee and school uniforms sewing work was initiated. Today, the unit is in very good condition and running successfully. The most important aspect of this unit is that regular installments are being paid to the Corporation.

Balbir Ram Rattan, while expressing his pleasure over the successful running of the loan unit, appreciated the hard work of the loanee towards the establishment of his venture with the help of amount provided by the Corporation. While congratulating him, Balbir Ram Rattan said that it is indeed a matter of pride for the SC, ST, BC Development Corporation that by its funding, an unemployed person from Scheduled Caste community is earning his livelihood and at the same time he has provided employment to half a dozen other unemployed youth as tailors in his unit. The VC was also appreciable of the quality of work being done in the unit.

Balbir Ram Rattan also stressed upon all the loanees of the Corporation to take this successful venture as an example and work for success of their units so that they could earn respectable bread, help others to earn and refund of loan amount in time. This positive trend of working for success will go a long way in countering the menace of unemployment prevailing in the state, he added.

Corporation Jammu District Manager Joginder Paul Atri and District Office Junior Assistant Anil Harkar also accompanied the VC.