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BJP expresses concern over spate of bank burglary incidents

Beef up security around banks, increase vigil: Balbir

BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, while expressing concern over bank burglary incidents in different parts of the state over the last few days, has stated this appears to be handiwork of anti national elements, who have been squeezed after demonetization move launched by Narendra Modi government. These elements, who were thriving their activities on the black money hoarded through illegal means, as also heavily dependent upon the fake currency circulated from across the border, are now desperate to the extent that their economic survival has become impossible, the BJP leader said adding that this situation is now pushing them into acts of loot and burglary.

Balbir Ram Rattan, while citing the recent incidents of loot and burglary in Budgam district of Kashmir Valley, followed by a similar one in Kishtwar district in Jammu province, said there appears to be a nexus and full support at the local level to these elements who are out to loot the bank money worth lakhs of rupees. While it is the duty of the police to ascertain the identity of the burglars, the government must immediately enhance security around all bank branches in the state, besides asking the bank authorities to increase their vigil, Balbir asserted.

The Spokesperson further said incidents of loot and burglary in these bank branches almost in a set pattern vindicates the Union government’s fears that anti national elements in the state were thriving on fake currency, which has been converted into trash after demonetization decision. Since they are facing cute cash crunch, they are now resorting to tactics of burglary and loot for their survival. Expressing apprehensions that more such incidents would happen, the BJP Spokesperson said unless adequate security measures are not put in place, the bank branches which are easily accessible and soft areas in terms of accessibility and approach, can become next targets of the thieves and burglars. Moreover, if such acts of loot of bank money continues, there is every likelihood of increase in subversive activities by the anti national elements, who are right now in a desperate mode, Balbir  said.