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BJP Jammu East Mandal Celebrated the Vijay Divas in the East Constituency today.

The Vijay Divas was celebrated on the eve of winning 4 states by BJP and particularly the historic victory in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
MLA Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest on the occasion . A victory rally was taken out by BJP east mandal from Pacca Danga to Parade where a large number of BJP workers participated and raised slogans of victory in favour of PM Narinder Bhai Modi and also danced to the tunes of dhoal.
A bhandara of halwa was organised at Moti Bazaar which was started by MLA Rajesh Gupta.A lot of crackers were also bursted by the workers on the ocassion.
The prominent who participated in the function included Prof.Shyam, Rajkumar,Chandan Gupta,Gulshan Mahajan, Vijay Mahajan,Kuldeep Kandhari, Girdharilal, Ashwani, Kuldeep Balgotra, Rajinder Gupta, Rajesh Nischal,Arun Sethi, Chamanlal,Surinder Annand, Sunny Sehgal, Subhash Annand,Balkrishan, Romesh Sharma,Parveen Kerni, Dawaranath Gupta,Shyam Gupta,Rajkumar Gupta, Sunil Langer and Brijlall.