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BJP strongly condemns Pak’s barbarism, Jehadi terrorism

Dr Narinder Singh, State General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party has strongly condemned the barbaric and uncivilised act of Pakistan Army wherein after a ceasefire violation its border action team mutilated the dead bodies of two Indian soldiers. He also condemned the killing of 7 innocent Kashmiri Muslims at Pulwama by jihadi terrorists while the former were performing their duty. He said looting of Rs. 50 lakh from the J&K Bank cash van and snatching of seven weapons is also a serious matter and threat to the security of common people. Dr. Singh questioned the alertness of the police in the area and said how could a day light robbery like this could take place?
Dr Singh criticised the Kashmir based political leaders for their hypocrisy since none of them except the Honourable CM has condemned this barbaric act. They resort to issue of lengthy statements whenever a terrorist is killed but remain silent when our soldiers are martyred or innocent civilians are killed by the jihadi terrorists rued Dr Singh. He said it is obvious that their sympathies lie with the separatists and terrorists and they subscribe to the salafi jehadi philosophy of “either follow us, else be prepared to be killed.” He warned the Kashmiri leaders that their dual face has been exposed and their unconcern for the life of a common Kashmiri has become very obvious. “Beware, these venomous snakes you are sheltering and allowing to grow in your backyards will one day finish you only,” retorted Dr Narinder Singh.