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BJP lashes out at Harsh Dev over ‘Regional party’ remarks

It is commitment to deliver & serve people that counts: Balbir

BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan has lashed out at JKNPP leader for his remarks over national level political parties, which he contended have not proved fruitful in a state like J&K contrary to regional parties that can deliver and serve well. He asserted that it is the commitment to deliver and work to come up to the expectations of the people which is important and not the regional or national status of a political party which matters.

Balbir Ram Rattan said that Panther Party Chairman Harsh Dev Singh is only making his own mockery through such immature statements, conveniently forgetting that he had enjoyed the position of Cabinet Minister in a government which had alliance with a national political party few years back. He said that the people of the state have already seen through the kind of politics being played by Panthers Party and cannot be misled by statements like “regional party only solution to Jammu’s woes”, he observed adding that they had repeatedly given mandate to this regional party in some assembly seats and finally regretted to vote it. This fact itself is testimony that people vote for the development and progress, welfare works without differentiating between regional or national party.

Balbir Ram Rattan further reminded the people of Jammu that Harsh Dev Singh was preferred by the voters in Ramnagar for three consecutive terms and his colleague Yash Pal Kundal, who too was voted for two terms in Samba but thereafter both these leaders of regional party were defeated by the candidates of a national party.

“If the statement of Panther Party leader carries any weight or there are instances to prove it, he must explain the reasons as to why both leaders were defeated in Ramnagar and Samba constituencies by the BJP, which is a national party”, Balbir said adding that it is infact the programmes and policies coupled with commitment to fulfill the same which count and for which the people are best judges.

BJP spokesperson further maintained that people of Jammu are wise and mature enough to understand the malafide political intentions and deliberate attempt of Panthers party to misguide them as they know that BJP has made strong efforts to end discrimination with this region. “We have a strong and committed cadre, wide political base unlike Panthers who are trying to create roadblocks in all the developmental projects for sake of opposition. People will indeed give them befitting reply”, he asserted.