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BJP President and MLA JAMMU WEST Sat Sharma (CA) raises question Concerning security scenarios on republic day

Raising the important point concerning flag hoisting programmes at various areas of the province, BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) and MLA Akhnoor Rajeev Sharma reacted sharply to a letter sent by an high official of police department posted at Akhnoor in which he had mentioned that he could only provide security at only four spots on the occasion of 26 January and rest areas won’t be his responsibility.

BJP PRESIDENT asked the State Government whether a directive has been passed by the State Government in this regard to the concerned official or whether the official is making things on his own and ignoring the aspect of this very important day in the history of this great nation.

He stated that since 1953 when some people wanted to create an independent entity of a region of this State which was ultimately over ruled, since then flag hoisting is being performed at each and every District of the State and it is very saddened on the part of the concerned official as well who questions the integrity and authenticity of our nations flag at this pious time when the whole nation is dipped under the great feeling for their motherland.

He urged the State Government to immediately look into the matter and provide adequate security in other areas as well where the respective programmmes for hoisting the national flag will take place.