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 BJP Talab Tillo Mandal Visited JK Bank

BJP Talab Tillo Mandal team under the leadership of Jeet Angral Mandal President, Keshav Chopra Vice President visited Jammu and Kashmir Bank Canal Road Branch.
BJP Team tried to helped several people by filling their forms of withdrawal ,Currency Change and depositing the Money. Mandal Team also distributed Water bottles to the people standed in queues and informed the benefits of this decision of Modi Government.
Speaking on the occasion Jeet Angral said that people in large supporting the decision of Narender Modi government and said being a BJP worker we are ready to work for common people 24 hours.He also appreciated the banks employees for doing their best to help the people.
Keshav chopra  said that People are standing with decision of modi government of banning 500 and 1000 currency. He said that people are ready to stand in queue but they want the country to grow. Keshav also thanked the bank officials for their support.
Rajkumar, Swaran Singh, Sujeet singh, Sourav Gupta, Sahil, Manoj Tandan and Several others were also present.