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Panthers undermining demonetization decision: BJP

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta strongly condemned the statement of JKNPP Chairman, Harsh Dev Singh for spreading rumours with regard to an historical and bold decision of NDA government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi regarding demonetization of currency and undermining the decision which has been taken to unearth black money and check the usage of Hawal Money and fake currency. He reminded Harsh Dev that Hawala money and fake currency is being used by enemy country and separatist forces operating in the country, and in particular, in the Valley and added that the Hawala money and fake currency is sustaining the militancy and disturbances in the Valley.

Prof. Virender said that no concrete proof was given by any of the leaders like Kejriwal and others, who have charged that BJP and its corporate friends were pre-informed about the decision of demonetization and who got converted their old currency in Gold, Dollars and Real Estate or deposited the same in the banks in advance. He further said Mr. Harsh Dev, being Chairman of a political party, must be in know of the other steps that were taken by the Government of India in digging out unaccountable money right from the day it came into power and it is, therefore, undesirable to question the intentions of the government. The Spokesperson also reminded Mr. Harsh Dev the transfer industry that was running and flourished under his able guidance as the Education Minister of the state and asked him that those who live themselves in glass houses should not throw stones on others. He added that it would be fair and obligatory on the party of Harsh Dev to give the details of assets he was holding prior to his becoming Minister/MLA and that he holds at present while declaring the sources that had helped him to accumulate the present wealth.