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BJP’s government is responsive, accountable: Pawan Khajuria

Opposition must do constructive politics

J&K BJP State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria responded to the allegation hurled by Panther Party’s leader as a desperate try to build air castles as it loses ground among the masses. Harsh Dev had earlier mocked BJP for holding “Maha Rally” at this particular time.

Pawan Khajuria stated that by forming the alliance government after last Assembly elections in the state, BJP respected the people’s mandate entrusted in the party by voting enmass in the favour of BJP. He said that BJP feels itself to be answerable to the people of the state and especially to those who have voted for the better future of the state.

Khajuria pointed out that unlike the previous governments where one hand wasn’t ever aware of the action being taken out by other hand and what to talk of the general masses, BJP government stands committed to complete transparency in all the things. This is the reason BJP decided to take its works among the masses on the completion of 3 years of alliance government in the state.

Speaking on the “Maha Rally”, Khajuria said that the motive of the rally was to bring to the notice of general public, of all the development works being undertaken by the BJP’s government since the formation of the government in the state. He stressed that the massive turnout in the rally is itself a testimony to the faith, the people of the region have developed in their own party.

Khajuria said that the leaders of the opposition have nothing concrete to counter BJP on ground. He said that opposition is contributing nothing, as far as the development of the region or the state is concerned. He said that this is the reason they (opposition) are trying to play with fire while flaring out the emotional outbreaks and playing with the people’s sentiments.

Khajuria also advised the opposition leaders to do constructive politics and put forth the role of effective opposition for the betterment of state and the region. He further asked the opposition leader to concentrate energy on the positive approach to the people’s issues.