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BJYM District President Shopian Gowhar Ahmed dead at Killora Shopian.

BJYM District President Shopian Gowhar Ahmed found dead at Killora Shopian in South Kashmir. State BJYM condemned this inhuman and cowardly killing by those culprits who for the sake of their personal interest and fake pride have killed their own son with their hands. This is not less than owner killing when you for the false propaganda are killing your own kids with your own hands. BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra in a hand out press note condemn this fateful incident and said that the government should take stern action against those who are indulge in this shameful and regretful incident and all the culprits from top to bottom should be punished under strict law within a time frame and without any delay. He said that this is the high time to think that if some Youth of Kashmir wants to take a step forward towards a peaceful and developed environment, some wicked and antisocial elements are doing this type of coward attacks on their own kids. He said that the whole unit of BJYM condemned this incident and is ready to rouse in any manner to give justice to the noble soul and the deceased family. BJYM State Secretary Bilal Parray condemned this incident and expressed his anguish and worrying about the incident. He said that those who are behind this fateful incident should feel ashamed that when we the Youth of Kashmir wants to take this heaven from the black clouds of terrorism to development and peace, you people for the sake of your fake hypocrisy are killing your own blood mates.