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BJYM to launch #DigitalPaisa campaign across the State : Dr. Magotra

BJYM State President, Dr Suresh Ajay Magotra while addressing the media persons at Party Headquarter Trikuta Nagar said that, BJYM will start #Digitalpaisa campaign across the state, which is launched by our National President and MP Hamirpur Lt. Anurag Thakur at New Delhi. To widespread this campaign, BJYM activists will educate people about the benefits of cashless society and the prime motive will be to educate them about the ways and means to transact in a cashless society.

Dr. Magotra said that like the others revolutionary steps taken by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, if we the people of the country will cooperate, this step will also take our nation to greatest heights. #Digitalpaisa—a pro people scheme will be a pro- youth  beca

use it is the youth  of  the country that can make this scheme a big success.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has utmost faith in youth of the country and believes that the youth will contribute immensely towards promoting this scheme.

Dr. Magotra said that it will be a challenging step to move towards a cashless society but with the help of the educated youth of the country we can move step by step towards this goal. Youth of the country is very much technical sound and they know the benefit of  this scheme and should contribute to make it a successful. He further said that in our country today more that 100 crore people use phones and 25 percent of the total population use smart phones, and daily the percentage of mobile phone users is increasing by 8 percent, so it will not be impossible to achieve the goal of cashless society.

Dr. Magotra further said that, “Income Tax Disclosure” Schemes evokes Rs. 65,250 crore by 64,275 people till 30th of September 2016 in which Hyderabad disclosed 13,000 crore black money followed by Mumbai 8,500 crore followed by Delhi 6000 crore and Kolkata 4000 crore. He further said that, according to banking sources, deposits post-demonetization have crossed more than Rs. 4 lakh crore.Dr. Magotra said that BJYM is with our Hon’ble Prime Minister in every step to achieve INDIA the position of “Economic Leader” in the world and the revolutionary steps like “Demonetization” and “Cashless Society” have the potential to take INDIA to this position.

BJYM State Vice-Presidents Er Aijaz Hussain and Adv Ramneek singh, General Secretaries Vikas Choudhary and Tarun Sharma, were also present in the press conference.