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BJYM Strongly Protested against Congress over re -induction of kichloo

Hundreds of BJYM activists of District Jammu under the leadership of District President Ishant Gupta today protested against congress over the re -induction of kichloo as minister in Omar Abdullah led NC congress government outside press club Jammu. Sh. Ajay Pargal – State General Secretary BJYM & Incharge Gandhi Nagar Assembly were also present in the protest demonstration.


The BJYM Jammu District Team who were present includes District Vice Presidents – Er. Ankit Sood, Amit Kapoor, & Vishal Kohli, District General Secretary – Naresh Sharma, District Secretaries – Ajay Chalotra, Tushar Mahajan, Raghav Gupta, Treasurer – Nitin Gupta, Social Media Incharge – Rohit Verma & Co-Incharge – Rahul Gupta, Media Incharge – Rohit Salathia, Add. Legal Cell Incharge – Kshitaz Gupta, Study Circle Incharge – Nikhil Mahajan, Mandal Presidents Satwari – Ricky Raina & Gandhi Nagar – Amit Gupta.


Activists of BJYM burnt the effigy of the Congress Party and also burnt the portraits of Rahul Gandhi and Ghulam nabi Azad and strongly protested against Rahul Gandhi,Omar Abdullah ,Ghulam Nabi Azad,Sajad Ahmed kichloo and Justice (retd) R C Gandhi. The activists were carting postcards against all of them.


Speaking on the occasion, Ishant Gupta said that on the one side the family of Innocent Boy Arvind Raj Bhagat who was killed and all the innocents people who lost their shops and houses in Kishtwar violence are demanding justice which the state government has failed to provide, and on the other side re induction of kichloo in whose presence the kishtwar riots took place is like rubbing salt on the wounds of victims of kishtwar riots. It appears that the so called enquiry was stage managed in which both congress and NC are equally responsible all this has happened with the consent of Rahul Gandhi, Omar Abdullah and Ghulam Nabi Azad. He said that people of J&K rejects this interim report which has been given under political pressure as the evidence against kichloo has not been considered and demanded immediate resignation of kichloo moreover there is petition pending in High Court demanding a CBI enquiry into kishtwar riots in which kichloo is also a party. Copy of the report is not provided to any one and surprisingly kichloo has been shown as a victim and the commission has played with the sentiments of the people.


Ajay Pargal – State General Secretary BJYM & Incharge Gandhi Nagar Assembly also alleged Rahul Gandhi, Omar Abdullah, & Ghulam Nabi Azad over re-induction of Kitchloo as MOS and demanding the immediate resignation of Kitchloo.


Others who were present there includes – Ankit Sood, Amit Kapoor, Vishal Kohli, Naresh Sharma, Ajay Chalotra, Tushar Mahajan, Raghav Gupta, Nitin Gupta, Rohit Verma, Rahul Gupta, Rohit Salathia, Kshitaz Gupta, Nikhil Mahajan, Ricky Raina , Amit Gupta, Ravi Sharma, Ravi kumar, Gagan Gupta, Gourav sharma, Kavi Sharma, Sanjay Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Anil Kumar, Neeraj Sharma, Ashish Sharma, Pardeep Singh, Aman Sharma, Vinod Kumar, Madan Kumar, Sunny Sharma & Others.