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Body Building Supplements are silent killers like M.S.G

Momo have increased speed in killing of human health and its quality have dragged Delhi Chatterpur area people to I.C.U of different hospitals and life of children is under threat. Dog meat is used in cantonment (Delhi) instead of chicken meat and exposed youngster. They may catch “Rabbis” if any dog suffers from it. Few are so hungry for money can go to any extent. M.S.G Mono Sodium Glutamate is silent killer and public is suffering due to its use.
MLC Ramesh Arora said New Silent killer have knocked the door on the name of supplement in body building kidney failure is the outcome. Anabolic stimulator is used to stimulate and in excess it causes kidney failure and other type of steroid are also used spoiling youth. We have taken up matter with concerned doctors and found “Steroid” is being administered to young body builders as supplements and thousands are charged. These supplements are more than silent killer and affecting body of body builder.
I am also concerned with the way health system is working. Why this problem is been allowed to grow in public. It is alarming call for our generation. Our officials cannot sit over it and wait for the outcome. We will take action and no excuse can substitute human life.
M.S.G drives in Jammu have proved its worth and 60% decline is there in sale. Some have stopped selling. We have decided to honor those who will stop selling. I have asked concerned to delegate sample taking power to municipal authorities also in addition to existing sample taking power with Drug and food control Department. Big companies dealing with M.S.G must stop its use. Government has to frame a policy on the basis of results of its use.
Mr. Arora said Ajinomoto is Chinese restaurant syndrome Salt. Ajino-moto is trade name of Company’s original Monosodium Glutamate (MGS) is product. It is used in all Chinese food Momo’s Manchurians, Noodles, Champs, and meat soups. Different study says it have serious effects.
MSG Symptom complex includes burning sensation in the face, and neck, breathing problem, headache, nausea, vomiting, fast heart beat etc,It may affect badly on unborn child during pregnancy, Migraine pain is caused, Abnormal heart beats chest pains and cardiac muscles arrest is caused by it, Nerves disorder, Asthma problems, Weight gain, Hypertension, Sleep disorder breathing and Ajinomoto causes intestinal Colitis/Cancer etc as per research.
Dr. Marcola, Dr Bansal and many others have proved M.S.G’s site effects and it is silent killer we cannot allow to kill the innocent. Youth must come forward see Internet as it contain material. We appreciate Jammu youth who have left Momo as Maida is also harmful. Body builders must know what they are consuming on the name of supplements. No medical expert is there to give the dose, rather no dose can be alternative of natural food. This trade is more dangerous than M.S.G. Let’s join this movement. Legislation will be brought in session.
Ramesh Arora Congratulated all on 15th August 2017 and expressed hope that it will bring peace and prosperity in the country and subcontinent.