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Change for development with faith in Modi govt.: Sh. Tarun Chugh

Big change is being witnessed in new Jammu & Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and this change is for the development of the region and the faith on the Modi government said Sh. Tarun Chugh, BJP National General Secretary & Prabhari Jammu & Kashmir.

Sh. Tarun Chugh said that today, massive polling is being witnessed in those places where earlier average voting staggered nearly 1%, where the polling meant boycott, terror. Earlier, the MPs and Chief Ministers have also got elected on meager votes in areas where now voting is now more than 50 %.

Sh. Tarun Chugh said that where earlier BJP leaders were killed in revenge killings, now the people have boycotted the terror calls going to polls in heavy numbers. This is the win of ballot on bullet, win of PM Modi, win of democracy, win of election process, he said.

People in thousands have attended every election rally of BJP in Kashmir, this is the acceptance of BJP’s policies in Jammu & Kashmir.

Today Tiranga and BJP’s flag are flying high in every part of Jammu-Kashmir including the most disturbed areas in Kashmir valley, this is our achievement. Now the nationalist forces have strengthened in Kashmir, this is the achievement of Modi govt. after abrogation of Article 370.

Sh. Tarun Chugh further said that the successful election process is the defeat of 70 years of divisive and hate politics by these political families who were only stealing undue advantages under the blanket of Article 370.

Now the earlier marginalized sections are given full rights in J&K. New roads are constructed, hospitals are being built, new opportunities are being groomed, schools, colleges, higher education avenues, new tourist places are being developed by the Modi government.