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Modi Sarkar takes care of common man in J&K: Sh. Ravinder Raina

BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir President Shri Ravinder Raina said that the Modi government is the only government that has proved to be a government that takes care of the common man in Jammu & Kashmir.

Shri Ravinder Raina was addressing election rallies in Sunderbani, Kangri, Amb, Khauri, Thangar etc. areas of Sunderbani.

Shri Ravinder Raina himself also participated in the first ever DDC elections in Jammu and Kashmir today.

Addressing the election rallies, Shri Ravinder Raina said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have benefited from the historic decision of the Modi government after 70 years. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are heartily grateful to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for this historic occasion.

Shri Ravinder Raina said that a few political parties, who had always been dancing at the behest of Pakistan, had considered Jammu and Kashmir as their property. He said that those who have kept this manor in their place for loot and plunder in 70 years, never thought of the well being of the people living here. Raina said that to avoid the genuine basic issues of common masses, they got everyone involved in dirty gimmicks like Section 370 and also deprived people of very basic human rights. He said that now the Modi government has given a new energy in Jammu and Kashmir to everyone with the decisive deliverance of good governance.

Shri Ravinder Raina said that we have already taken the first leap under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, and in the coming time, Jammu and Kashmir will make its presence on the International platform in the fields of tourism, energy, industry etc. To give impetus to this development campaign, Ravinder Raina called on all people to vote for the BJP in these DDC elections.